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Eid celebrations from the eyes of docAfshan

July 7, 2016

Eid celebrations from the eyes of docAfshan By Afshan Naheed Hashmi, PhD, C(ASCP), RAC Best-Selling Author, Consultant ,TV and Radio Personality Author: General: Eid Mubarak or  Blessed Eid is the greetings everyone gives to each other on the day of Eid. Eid al-Fitr is a “festival of breaking of the fast”. It is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims […]

Please see my new episode of my radio show where I tell the importance of mentors-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

November 19, 2014

Dear Friends Greetings! Please see my new episode of my radio show where I tell the importance of mentors: Cheers! Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Dr Afshan Hashmi is in conversation with Bollywood artist Mohammad Ali Shah 09/17 by Dr Afshan Hashmi: Entertainment Podcasts

September 18, 2014

  Bollywood and Hollywood  has always inspired me!!!! Anything related to these creative cinema/film industries have led me to be more inspired and I  admire the creativity of this industry. It leads an impact on me to be more creative and innovative. Please listen and share this beautiful chat I had with a new Bollywood […]

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan- By Dr. Afshan Hashmi

August 18, 2014

Raksha Bandhan 2014 was on Sunday Aug 10, 2014 and every year I love to celebrate this festival. It is a Hindu festival from lndia but it is celebrated by many other religions in India as well as well by Indians living abroad.  When sisters tie rakhi they get a promise from their brothers that […]

I love doing Philanthropy: an Innovative way to do Philanthropy in India: by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

March 1, 2014

I love doing philanthropy. Philanthropy is the hallmark of my legendary family in India. In keeping with the traditions,DNA and traits ,of my family I decided to donate an antique and rare Gold jewelery set to my AlmaMater in India the famous Aligarh Muslim University ( AMU) from my personal collection. I have expressed my […]

MF Husain painting at my beloved AlmaMater in India-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

February 2, 2014

I am always fascinated by Creativity and  Innovation and artists like MF Husain are pillars of Creativity  in this world. Although MF Husain is not with us today but his work will always be in my heart and his paintings are continuing to mesmerize me every time  I see it.  One can look at his […]

Creativity and Innovation in Bollywood: Launch of New concept store Bandra 190: by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

December 22, 2013

Being a Scientist by profession Creativity and Innovation has always intrigued me. I love fashion and I am one of those scientists who not only like science but wants to live happy as well stylish and fashionable. Bollywood the Indian film industry has always inspired me and I am a Bollywood expert as one of […]