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My New Newsletter released on 27 April 2015-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

April 27, 2015 Best Dr.Afshan Hashmi Author: General:

My New Newsletter-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

April 11, 2015

Dear Friends!!! Here is my new Newsletter released on April 11,2015: If you have not signed up for my Newsletter please do so on my author website to recieve a free gift!!! Enjoy reading!!! Best Dr.Afshan Hashmi Author: General:  

Celebrating Holi -by Dr.Afshan Hashmi

March 6, 2015

Happy Holi friends!!! Celebrating Holi -by Dr.Afshan Hashmi 03/05 by Dr Afshan Hashmi | Entertainment Podcasts. Best Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Innovation and Creativity in Indian fashion—- By Dr. Afshan Hashmi

August 4, 2014

        In today’s India we see lot of  Innovation and Creativity in Indian glam and fashionable clothes.There are lot of designer clothes available in India.  Indian fashion is inspired and influenced by Bollywood and TVserials.Anarkali dress is inspired by famous movie Mughal-e-Azam( If you attend a wedding, bridal shower or birthdays you […]