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Memories and Nostalgia after watching this beautiful movie about my AlmaMater in India-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

September 3, 2014

Film and literature always inspires me. When I saw the following movie on You Tube about my AlmaMater the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University(AMU: in India, I thought of sharing my feelings after seeing the movie with everyone. Here is link of the movie: Joy and happiness was the first emotion and then came nostalgia!!! Writing […]

MF Husain painting at my beloved AlmaMater in India-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

February 2, 2014

I am always fascinated by Creativity and  Innovation and artists like MF Husain are pillars of Creativity  in this world. Although MF Husain is not with us today but his work will always be in my heart and his paintings are continuing to mesmerize me every time  I see it.  One can look at his […]