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Victory Party for my Friends-Dr. Afshan Hashmi


Dear Readers,

As I wrote in my previous blog post that my husband and myself will be hosting a victory party to celebrate the Victory of President-elect Donald J. Trump  and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence and his whole team.

I was honoured to be a volunteer in this campaign. I am so happy that I cannot describe. So I wanted to throw a party for my friends.

Also the mission of the party was to celebrate with friends and heal those friends whose candidate did not win. I had send invitations to my friends both sides of the aisle.that is to people with Republican and Democratic leanings.All my close friends  turned up and we all had a very good time.Thanks friends for coming.!

Here are some moments of the Victory Party:


Enjoy reading this blog post!

With all the best regards

Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Best-Selling Author, Radio and TV Personality

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