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Like this idea a lot of getting corporate sponsors for your wedding- by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

Taj Mahal in India

Taj Mahal in India

Today on Friday September 26 2014 the new Tv show in USA :The Real:
I love this show a lot!!!
I saw a couple who  got corporate sponsorships for their wedding. What a brilliant idea of Creativity and Innovation. In today’s hard economic times this is a very good example of creativity and innovation.

But when I saw this in the show my creative juices got flowing and gave a thought how could this idea translate in Indian culture where brides wear heavy embroidered dresses and are supposed to have a set type of demeanor. So writing some thoughts that came in my mind.

Indian brides could have a logo of corporate who wants to sponsor them  on their wedding attire embroidered on their lehnga and dupatta instead of embroidery so that it looks like a pattern( Indian style wedding dress). They can even make a jewelery  of the logo to match the dress. Even in the bangles that logo could be made. Also jewelery of feet could have the corporate sponsorship.

The groom could have on their sherwani( Indian long shirt dress) embroidery of the corporate logo and get their nagra or khussa shoes with embroidery of corporate logos as their are many shoes designers in this category present in India.
A famous designer should be chosen for this work in India as there are many marvelous ones in India and some of my favorites are Kotwara, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar,Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra to name a few.
Also then food, guest lodging , venue of wedding  and decoration and even invitation cards could be sponsored.

Although one TV channel in India. NDTV they do a show of sponsoring a wedding .
Here is the show link for your information:
Cheers and enjoy this post friends and let me knowyour thoughts about it.
Dr. Afshan Hashmi

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