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Bollywood Movie UmraoJaan released in 1981- some thoughts- by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Dr.Afshan Hashmi

UmraoJaan has a rich history attached to Aligarh Muslim University as Muzaffar Ali is an Alig (means people who have studied at this university)and so is Shaharyar . Ishtiaque A. Khan who had a guest role in UmraoJaan as Farooq Shaikh’s father and who made the music of the  famous Tarana( the national song of the Aligarh Muslim University is called Tarana) is also an Alig. I had the honor of meeting all these highly talented Aligs in my journey of life. So with the spirit of an Alig  myself I gave tribute to these Aligs in a special way by talking about this movie in my radio show.

Once when I was studying at Aligarh Muslim University and I met Istiaque A. Khan and he invited me  and some of my close friends for samosa( Indian vegetable patties) and Chai( Indian Tea) in the University canteen.

UmraoJaan had just released and many students gathered at the canteen and asked him for samosa and chai and there were about hundred students gathered and he keeping with the special Aligarh spirit of senior -junior traditions treated everybody with Samosa- chai .While giving the radio show today all these memories were coming to me like a film and my own stories and memories attached with this movie. So I thought friends to share this on my blog.

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Dr. Afshan Hashmi in designer Indian clothes

Dr. Afshan Hashmi in designer and trendy Indian Wear!!!

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Dr. Afshan Hashmi

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