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Memories and Nostalgia after watching this beautiful movie about my AlmaMater in India-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Hashmi in designer Indian clothes

Dr.Afshan Hashmi in designer Indian clothes

Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Film and literature always inspires me. When I saw the following movie on You Tube about my AlmaMater the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University(AMU: in India, I thought of sharing my feelings after seeing the movie with everyone. Here is link of the movie:

Joy and happiness was the first emotion and then came nostalgia!!!

Writing is not only my career but my passion and love. The best way to express about something is to write about it. In this movie I could see many familiar faces some are with us and some have left for their Heavenly abode.  Two of my favorite people are in the movie my maternal grandpa Prof.Abdul Aleem (; and his best friend former President of India Dr.Zakir Hussain [] . I have so many  happy memories attached to them that it brought lot of nostalgia.I also see many of my  favorite uncles and aunts who are friends of my parents. Also Saiyid Hamid uncle’s wife was best friend of my late maternal aunt. Memories,memories and more memories!!!!

Mr.Saiyid Hamid IAS was the VC of AMU from June 1980-26 March 1985. I was in AMU  as a student in 1980 and I can see many of my friends in this movie. I had a big friends circle and when you see your old friends all of a sudden in a late sunny afternoon watching this movie with your favorite tea what better way to relax. I think whoever has studied at AMU loves tea and Samosa( an Indian style vegetable dumplings). I immediately looked into my freezer if I have samosa and fortunately I had some and I wanted to live my AMU days  for some minutes and I did that!!!

AMU is famous not only for one of the best education it imparts to its students but it also tells us how to be street smart which is very important to be successful in today’s world. I have seen AMU not only in my students days but have grown up in AMU campus as my grandpa Prof.Abdul Aleem  was the Vice-Chancellor of AMU from 6 January 1968 – 3 January 1974.  My father Prof. A. Majid Siddiqi ( was the founder Chairman of Department of Biochemistry and Founder Dean of Life Sciences at AMU. My mom Mrs. Jamila Siddiqi was a faculty in the Department of Biochemistry at JNMC Medical college at AMU and now runs a school for underprivileged in the AMU campus ( .

I love AMU a lot and thanks Film Division of Government of India for producing this wonderful movie about AMU.

Also lets help the present VC of AMU Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Zameeruddin Shah whom I admire and respect a lot to make AMU number one university in India (

Cheers and enjoy reading and let me know your thoughts readers after reading this blog post and send me lots of comments!!!

Dr.Afshan Hashmi

3 Responses to “Memories and Nostalgia after watching this beautiful movie about my AlmaMater in India-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi”

  1. Afshanji, very nice of you sharing this, whenever I see the university and hear the tarana its like impossible for me to control the tears rolling down from my eyes. once again kudos to you for sharing this beautiful movie.

    • Thanks for your beautiful words and also appreciating my work!!!
      Dr. Afshan Hashmi

  2. An oldy goldy video of my beloved AMU 🙂 har Alig se iska ek roohani or jazbaati rishta waabasta hai !! or yehi wo mohabbat or kashish hai jisme isey aur idaaron se imtiyaaz hasil hai!

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