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My first online book club meeting was very successful- by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

Greetings Everyone,

I enjoy reading books. I  believe in the mantra that the more one is well read the more successful that person is. I have a dream that one day I will give to this world New York Times best -sellers. Not a single day has passed since my childhood where I have not read a book or written something. I like to give online classes as well speak to a very large audience and have a passion of sharing my knowledge. I have recently launched an online book club and will be discussing books which I have loved to read and in my book club people are prepared and they love to discuss the questions which stimulate an intellectual and thought provoking discussion.As my book club is online. I think this  is a creative and innovative way to involve as many people who are interested in the book club. People can log in through telephone or their computers.. Enjoy the first meeting and would  love to hear from you all. Please see my website for future announcement date of next meeting.

The recorded session of the online first book club meeting: As most of the presentors were logged in through phone so only their voice could be heard except the organizer Dr.Afshan Hashmi whose video could be seen also.
Hello and welcome all to myfirat online bok club meeting.I am Dr. Afshan Hashmi who has organized today’s. online book club. To know more about me please visit my website :
I am going to put in front of the audience some thought provoking questions after reading the book : The Billionaire’s Apprentice: The Rise of The Indian-American Elite and The Fall of The Galleon Hedge Fund [Hardcover]by Anita Raghavan.
Dr. Harswarup singh brief resume who was one of the presentor:
After studies in India, came to the U.S. for obtaining a Ph. D. degree in Economics from North Carolina State University under a full Research Grant from Kellogg Foundation. Worked in India at two famous academic institutions — Delhi School of Economics and National Council of Applied Economic Research. Came to the United Sates again, in 1965, to work with the United Nations for over two decades, rising tothe position of Director in the U.N. System and then Deputy Executive Director of a leading inter-governmental group — International Cotton Advisory Committee, Washington, D.C.. Accepted the position of Vice Chancellor (President) of a leading land grant institution, Haryana StateAgricultural University, in 1987. This was followed by three senior political appointments in India: Member ofIndia’s Planning Commission (in the rank of a Central Minister of State); Governor of Pondicherry; and India’s Ambassador to the beautiful island nation of Maldives. After retirement from regular jobs, have done consulting work in the United States, India, and some other countries. Currently busy with think tank activities, community service, traveling, and writing. Have writtenextensively on academic and general interest subjects. The last book, Indian Bureaucracy — Maladies and Remedies, was received well here and in India. A story collection (fiction and non-fiction tales) is almost ready and will be published soon.
Audience URL :

To know more about me please visit my website:

Thanks and enjoy this post!!!!!


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