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Creativity and Innovation in Bollywood: Launch of New concept store Bandra 190: by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

Being a Scientist by profession Creativity and Innovation has always intrigued me. I love fashion and I am one of those scientists who not only like science but wants to live happy as well stylish and fashionable. Bollywood the Indian film industry has always inspired me and I am a Bollywood expert as one of my focus of consulting is India. Fashion trends in India is defined by Bollywood. Indian people like to follow what fashion Bollywood follows. These days in India people love International designers a lot as these famous international designers are favorite of Bollywood. One of the recent example of Creativity and Innovation in fashion is the opening of a new concept store called Bandra 190 in Mumbai, India. The store is the design idea of Sussanne Roshan, Maheep Kapoor and Seema Khan. To know more about the store please visit the following links: To know more about me please visit