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Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of my blog: Dr. Afshan Hashmi

Thanksgiving 2013 is Thursday November 28 and I am preparing for it. Being raised in India and now living in USA this festival for me is the celebration of  Indian as well as American culture. Creativity has always inspired me and I believe creative people are the most intelligent people living in  this planet. Creativity always drives Innovation one of my favorite topics in business. By reading this blog  post readers will know how by creating an Indian-American fusion Thanksgiving dinner I have made my Thanksgiving even more creative.

I  love celebrating Thanksgiving with great passion. For me the Thanksgiving dinner has not only American  but also Indian cuisine. I enjoy making Mughal dynasty inspired cuisine also known  as ‘Mughlai Cuisine.” On one side I have Turkey baked which depicts American culture and on the other side I have  “Murgh Musallam “also in english it is called Chicken  baked the Mughal dynasty inspired way.

My favorite turkey recipe is from one of  my favorite Tv show  The Chew:

My favorite recipe of Murgh Musallam is from one of the Indian Tv channel ZeeTv
I sometimes visit India during this time and there are many memories attached with this holiday. Once I had celebrated  Thanksgiving in India with my family, friends and some friends from Bollywood.
 To know more about this wonderful festival please visit the following website:
To know more about me please visit my website:
Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of my blog !!!

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